An Abundant Life

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Corita Kent in the Grunwald Center Collection. Los Angeles: Hammer Museum, 2017

"When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive—to breath, to think, to enjoy, to love." — Marcus Aurelius


We're richer than we think. Amidst a culture that values the loudest, wealthiest voices, what does it look like to invest more deeply in what you already have? In this workshop we'll explore sustainability from a personal perspective, and will unpack the idea that using what you've got doesn't necessarily keep you where you are.

Workshop Structure

An Abundant Life is a collaboration between Tobias Mayer and Lydia Catterall, a fusion of art and business, an interactive exploration of personhood in relation to current reality, a celebration of ourselves as rich resources to be mined, rivers to overflow, gifts to distribute. Using a creative-making, somatic approach the workshop will unfold according to the specific needs and contributions of its participants, gently guided by the two facilitators.

Background & Context

Coming from very different life experiences, Lydia and Tobias were drawn to each other through the recognition of a common purpose in their work. Each in their own way, is looking to confront the structures and systems that hold creative people in a state of uneasiness, and benefit from the resulting fear and compliance. Lydia's focus is on artists and living environments, Tobias's on knowledge workers and business corporations, but it is the similarities rather than the differences that draws these two together. Everything connects.

With a recognition that oppressive systems benefit from scarcity, which permits a greater degree of control, this workshop will reveal our hidden abundance, our richness, or perhaps simply our enoughism. The world is a full, vibrant place where each one of us has a wealth of experience to harvest and to share. Five loaves and two fishes can indeed feed five thousand people. The miracle lies in our generosity.


Tobias Mayer is an educator on the margins of the business world, tempting people out of their comfort zones to explore their edges and discover their personal power: to learn to navigate the madness of the corporate world. With a background in social services, theatre craft, graphic design, and dance, and a current interest in theology and human givens psychotherapy he brings many experiences and viewpoints to his work.

"Tobias's way of facilitating gently creates opportunity for self reflection and revelation as well as warm and meaningful interaction with others in the group."
—Helen Taylor, integral health practitioner

Lydia Catterall is a creative practitioner based in Leeds, UK. She aims to reveal, support and champion the creative brains transforming the make-up of where we live. Whether operating as an artist, researcher, collaborator, writer or facilitator, she works for the recognition of the inherent value of artists and creative approaches across sectors and the deepening of a strong artistic economy.

"Lydia's resilience workshop was incredibly insightful, enabling artists to realise first hand the breadth and strength of their networks, illustrating that they may not be as isolated as they may initially think and that support is nearby; essential for when energies and inspired work may feel at a particularly low ebb..."
—Somerset Art Works

Workshop Availability

This workshop is currently not scheduled. If you're interested please check back here in a week or two for updates.

If you'd like to host this workshop, or offer it privately within your organisation please get in touch. Pricing is flexible according to organisational status and ability to pay.

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