Reimagine Work Responses

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This is a selection of the responses from participants who have attended previous Reimagine Work events, in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

"An opportunity to learn, grow and re-energise."
— Glenn Bowering

"Loved it, really got connected and energised by all the workshops. Lots of exploring still to be done and new ideas launched."
— Wendy Spencer

"I came away energised and inspired and excited to follow up on conversations with new found connections. Some great insights and rich discussions shared - and time for fun along the way."
— Deborah Kempson-Wren

"I fell in love with my work again, inspired by unity and togetherness. An inspirational group of speakers fostering real change."
— Christopher Brown

"'Individuals and Interactions' at the next level."
— Massimo Sarti

"This event was really nourishing to me, both in terms of the fresh information shared and the participants' open-mindedness. Even if this tremendously dense day had only provided one of the following two sessions I would have found travelling from Germany to London worthwhile: 1) An introduction to the Quakers' centuries-old meeting practices and 2) Experiencing the compassion and mindfulness with which Ali and Sarah of jointly facilitate meetings."
— Gero Seifert

"Ironically for a day full of deep conversation and idea sharing, one of the most useful things I learnt was the value and power of silence. I will be experimenting with ways of introducing more silence and time for reflection into meetings and work/life more generally."
— Bee Heller

"It was great meeting a group of people who think along similar lines, and who are happy to share experiences. I really enjoyed co-creating the 'Learning Teal' workshop. Having this tangible outcome of the day made the day unique, so could be something to run again."
— Mike Haber

"My overwhelming takeaway is empathy and a sense of "bringing people with us" rather than beating them down. I've been unsettled by the way our community is almost aggressive towards managers, and the day helped me come to a better understanding of how we can use empathy to help people transform themselves instead of fighting them to bring about organisational transformation. I feel I am better able to pass through the river without making such big disruptive waves, and bring people on the journey with me. I was able to coalesce my understanding of Spiral Dynamics in the morning session, and come back to the point that all colours are both healthy and unhealthy, and fit to certain conditions. The Tealist is like the Divergent from the film / book, able to help people use the right aspects from the other colours depending on the context and need."
— Dan Brown

"Amazing and enlightening. The venue was great, especially the decking outside. The event has given me lots to research, books to read, and conversations to continue. Truely inspirational folk, creating something like a family atmosphere. Only wish I could live the experience forever. It was a privilege to be involved. Thank you."
— Dean Latchana

"I came away feeling inspired and energised. I learned a huge amount that I can bring into my work as a business coach, plus I met many "kindred spirits". I've already recommended it to others and can't wait to attend the next one."
— Alan Wick

"I came away with the nourishing sense that, each time we come into contact with one another, we are actively co-creating a Teal future, out of the shared vision which has inspired and connected us. It was good to have such diverse approaches to explore - I found new experiences in the Spiral Dynamics, the Corporate Shaman and the Creativity sessions, and the Empathy Museum is a wonderful idea! Great to feel a sense of unity growing through the day as connections were made and differences explored. And the outside space was a real plus."
— Sarah James Wright

"Thank you, everyone for making me part of it!"
— Radu Davidescu

"I loved the energy of the space and the crowd, the gentle facilitation and how despite the 'fixed' program a very free and flexible culture emerged. I've rarely been at an event with such a high quality of sessions. The diversity was great, of topics and people. I liked that it was fairly undogmatic and open."
— Olaf Lewitz