Reimagine Work

hosted by Beyond Borders
 Online, 13 January 2023

"For apart from inquiry, apart from the praxis, individuals cannot be truly human. Knowledge emerges only through invention and re-invention, through the restless, impatient, continuing, hopeful inquiry human beings pursue in the world, with the world, and with each other." — Paulo Freire

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Reimagine Work is a one-day event dedicated to holding up a mirror to the corporate world—and to ourselves as citizens of that world. We do this through the exploration of all manner of organisational disturbances and disentangling, offered as interactive workshops, inspirational talks, dialogs, movement, music and art experiences. Through our interactions we attempt to sow the seeds of change, to nurture ourselves, the soil, that a new way of being may organically grow to gently replace the existing status quo.

In terms more familiar to many of us, we seek to focus on people over processes, to build human relationships rather than human structure, to change the conversation from command/comply to request/response, and ultimately to replace monologue with dialogue.

With a theme of Art, Artists and Artfulness, Reimagine Work 5 invites business leaders, workers and consultants to enter into conversation with artists, dancers, poets, musicians, activists, theologians, biologists, psychotherapists, life coaches and organisational change agents to explore the possibilities of change in the corporate world—possibilities only limited by our imaginations.


The key requirements for participation are to arrive on time, to stay the full day, and to attend in the spirit of enquiry and curiosity, leaving your expectations and ego at the door. Of course, none of these requirements are enforceable, only suggested, so really, feel free to participate in whatever manner you like :)

You are asked to engage with social media during the day, using the hashtag: #ReimagineWork5


Please select the rate best suited to your circumstance. Write to the organisers to receive a code for the subsidised rate. You will have the chance to donate more to support those on low or no incomes to attend.

Past Reimagine Work events

"This event was really nourishing to me, both in terms of the fresh information shared and the participants' open-mindedness."
— Gero Seifert

"I came away energised and inspired and excited to follow up on conversations with new found connections."
— Deborah Kempson-Wren

"I fell in love with my work again, inspired by unity and togetherness."
— Christopher Brown

See more participant responses here.

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  • Philanthropist: €350
  • Standard: €250
  • Subsidised tickets available. Please contact the organiser to request.
You are welcome to donate more when registering


Online: Zoom

Date & Time

Friday 13 January 2023
9.00 am to 5.00 pm (CET)




The program, a blend of invited sessions and proposals from participants, will be available closer to the date. If you'd like to propose a session please click here: Make a proposal

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