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I'm appreciating the new online communities that are emerging from the dust of lockdown: new people, new ideas and new conversations.
These talks are mostly one-off, lightly planned, improvised dialogs, trusting that the participants will bring to the session as much as they expect to take, and allowing the learning to emerge from the shared experience. Please join in sometime.

Upcoming talks

Something about Scrum
A talk at LeSS Toronto. Topic to be decided.
What do you do for a Living?
A talk at Ágiles 2020, the annual Latin-American conference.

Completed talks

The Now of Work
A collaborative dialog about the current state of work.
Agile London's Super 6
Six speakers, six talks about Agile Leadership.
Scrum as Alchemy
Creative making as an alchemic process; scrum teams as the philosophers' stone.
Scrum Roles: An Abstraction
Teasing out the essence of the roles we take for granted—and often misunderstand.
What do you do for a Living?
A personal exploration of how we live and what we bring to the workplace.
The Four Qualities of Artful Making
Dialogs about release, collaboration, ensemble and play.
Scrum as Alchemy
A pilot talk for the longer, interactive session on 30 September 2020.
Meta-practices for Agility
Five meta-practices, ways of doing and being, recommended for change agents and coaches.
The People's Scrum: a conversation
Participant questions inspired by The People's Scrum, and responses—not answers!

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    Main image: screenshot capture by Jia Yee Phua from Meta-practices for Agility talk, Beliminal, 24 August 2020
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