The Next Decade

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In 2020, after a few years of casual but committed study, I decided to become formally versed in the human givens system of psychotherapy. This decade will have me put this learning into practice, beginning in 2021 as a trainee therapist, practicing in Sheffield and London.

The term "human givens" refers to the emotional needs and the innate resources that all humans are born with. When our emotional needs are not met we can suffer mental and emotional distress. The aim of human givens therapy is to enable the client to use their own resources effectively to meet their needs in balance leading to emotional well-being and clear thinking.

Human givens therapy is effective for resolving phobias, traumas, addictions, panic attacks and sleep issues, lifting depression, anxiety and stress, and increasing confidence and self-esteem. Brief, gentle and solution-focussed, this therapy offers a positive approach to mental health, using language skills, reframing and guided relaxation to break unhelpful patterns of thinking, reinforce the client's own resources and utilise their innate capacity for change.

To learn more on the human givens approach please read these two introductory articles

Emotional Needs Audits

For a limited period I am offering online emotional needs audits. An emotional needs audit helps you to identify areas of your life you may need to pay attention to. When our emotional needs are met in balance we are less likely to experience emotional or mental difficulties. An online emotional needs audit costs £25. This is paid as a donation to a local charity.

Therapy Sessions

Therapy is offered in person only, in Sheffield or London. A human givens therapy session lasts 60-90 minutes. While a supervised trainee I offer my time free, but accept donations towards travel and room rental costs.

Contact Information

Sessions are scheduled by mutual agreement. Please contact me by email or whatsapp to arrange a preliminary conversation.