The ScrumMaster Journey

"Move unhurriedly, look people in the eyes, pause, listen, reflect; above all, seek to become unnecessary." — from The Liberated ScrumMaster

ScrumMaster Excellence

The ScrumMaster Journey is a two-year program of education for London-based ScrumMasters in pursuit of personal excellence. There are three elements to this journey, self study, mentoring and interactive workshops, each contributing to the student's discovery and realisation of his or her own abilities and potential. Optionally, the program offers Scrum Alliance certification at beginner, advanced and professional levels.

The full program is described in detail in the documents and workshop descriptions listed on this page. Please read the two program overview documents thoroughly before seeking additional information. Thank you.

Program Overview

Phase 1

ScrumMaster as Law-giver and Evangelist: One who lives Scrum out loud. The beginning ScrumMaster is inspired to teach Scrum to his or her teams and socialise this way of working across the wider organisation.

Read the Certified ScrumMaster description. While the two-day workshop is a requirement, certification is optional.

Phase 2

ScrumMaster as Court Jester or Prophet: One who has gained the trust of others and has the courage within to speak truth to power. This stage transcends and includes the law-giver/evangelist.

The Advanced CSM certificate is offered at the end of this phase. Certification is optional; it requires additional self-directed learning, and carries an extra cost.

Phase 3

ScrumMaster as Gardener: One who acts as an organic gardener, lovingly preparing the organisational soil, letting change emerge, nurturing it, guiding the growth patiently, gently and naturally, and removing weeds without introducing toxins. This stage transcends and includes both the law-giver and the jester/prophet.

The Certified Scrum Professional-ScrumMaster certificate is offered at the end of this phase. Certification is optional; it requires additional self-directed learning, and carries an extra cost.

Education without Certification

If you're not interested in certification but would like to participate in the program you are most welcome. The ScrumMaster Clinics are free and the workshops are priced at £300 per day. There is no need to work through the Scrum Alliance learning objectives, but you may still choose to have a mentor to support you on your journey. For non-certification students mentorship is not brokered and is purely an autonomous arrangement between the participating parties.

Alternative routes to Advanced CSM

Many Scrum Alliance trainers offer A-CSM and CSP-SM certification. Each offer is different and you may find there are easier/more direct ways of achieving the same certificates this program offers.

Potential candidates for this program are encouraged to explore the alternative A-CSM and CSP-SM offerings. The ScrumMaster Journey requires regular community engagement and a long-term learning and mentoring commitment. It is not suited to everyone. Please make the decision to enrol only after due consideration of all your options. Thank you.


This program is made possible by many members of the London ScrumMaster community who offer their time and experience to facilitate the free clinics, and to mentor those starting out on their journeys.

Program Costs

Phase 1 £600-£1,000. Includes the Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster certificate (CSM).

Phase 2 £1,000-£1,200. Includes the Scrum Alliance Advanced Certified ScrumMaster certificate (A-CSM).

Phase 3 £1,000-£1,200. Includes the Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Professional-ScrumMaster certificate (CSP-SM).

More Information

To learn more, and find out whether this program is right for you please get in touch with Tobias Mayer to set up a time to talk.

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    Last updated: 13/08/2017