Certified Scrum Professional (ScrumMaster)


A full description of the CSP-SM is currently being written. Please check back in a few days. In the meantime please read pages 6 and 7 of The ScrumMaster Journey.

The CSP-SM is part of the larger ScrumMaster journey, which includes the CSM and the ACSM. Full details of the program can be seen here: ScrumMaster Academy. It is recommended that applicants for the CSP-SM read the details of the program in full.


This program is made possible by many members of the London ScrumMaster community who offer their time and experience to facilitate the free clinics, and to mentor those starting out on their journeys.

Special thanks to Thoughtbot London who provide the space for the clinics and workshops, and partner with me to operate an alternative, non-monetary economy within the community.

More Information

To learn more, and find out whether this program is right for you please get in touch with Tobias Mayer to set up a time to talk.

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    Last updated: 13/08/2017