Scrum Master Labs

"All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better." — Ralph Waldo Emerson


Welcome to Scrum Master Labs. This is a forum for you to experiment with new facilitation and teaching methods, testing the water with your peers before jumping into the deep, and sometimes hostile corporate waters.

The Scrum Master Labs complement the existing Scrum Master Clinics, each lab inviting participants to move to the next level of involvement by leading the sessions themselves.

Experimentation is encouraged, but the space can also be used to rehearse a previously learned technique, and even to practice one-to-one coaching.


Each lab will offer 3-6 sessions, facilitated by the proposers. Proposals can be made in advance, or simply brought along on the day. How this will actually work in practice is currently unknown. The lab itself is an experiment, with the learning from each one helping to improve the series as a whole.


You can attend as a facilitator/participant, or just a participant. Each role is equally valid. Without participants a facilitator can't do much! It is recommended that you attend a few Scrum Master Clinics before participating as a facilitator, but this is certainly not a requirement.

All Scrum Masters, and others working in a facilitation or education role of any kind are welcome. The core requirements, if they can be named as such, are a desire to learn, and a willingness to fail.


The labs offer multi-way learning. Through regular attendance at these labs the students will become more confident and skilled in their ability to facilitate groups, while also gathering new ideas from others with which to experiment further.

Scrum Master Labs

Held in Hammersmith W6. Click a link to register


Scrum Master labs are free, but donations towards venue cost, refreshments and facilitator travel are encouraged.

Scrum Master Clinics

Scrum Master Clinics are complementary events, offering a health check for practising Scrum Masters. The clinics run monthly in London, and at random times in other parts of the UK...and beyond. Read more about the Scrum Master Clinics here.