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"...and I rose, in rainy autumn, and walked abroad in a shower of all my days" — Dylan Thomas

I am an explorer of human relationships, a writer, mentor, teacher and speaker. I am committed to the liberation of the corporate workplace, and to that end I spend a lot of time thinking, talking and writing on personal responsibility, grassroots initiative and confronting the status quo.

Drawing on over thirty years experience in the fields of group facilitation, social service, technical theatre, graphic design, software development, theology, organisational restructuring and individual counseling I journey into the heart of corporations and non-profits, or invite people out to cafes, community spaces, church halls and pubs where I offer workshops and dialogs to awaken the dormant creative spirit therein, encouraging leaders and citizens alike as they discover new ways to show up for work, to collaborate, and to discover their greater, shared purpose.

If you'd like to talk with me or stay connected, please find me on LinkedIn, send me an email or sign up for my (roughly) monthly newsletter. It will be a pleasure to hear from you.