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"Tobias is an outstanding speaker and facilitator...very gifted in his ability to be attuned to his audience and add value to diverse groups."
— Alyssa Tool, Assistant General Counsel at Nike

This page offers an index for the workshops I currently offer, followed by a list of registration links for upcoming public workshops, talks and events. All sessions are held in London, unless otherwise noted.

Workshop Descriptions

Scheduled Events

Public Workshops

Events and Gatherings

Meetups and Conference appearances

  • Keynote invitations for 2018 — stay tuned for updates
  • No meetups scheduled yet for 2018

More information

Click on a workshop link to read the full description. Click on a registration link to sign up.

Pricing Guide

Workshops are priced at £300 per day. Discounts are offered to those travelling from over 50 miles away, and for those on low income. Each registration page shows discount details as applicable. Event prices vary. All meetup talks are free.