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"Tobias's workshops have been a real highlight of my learning path over the last few years. I would go to a workshop hosted and facilitated by him irrespective of what he was teaching, such is the learning experience."
— Simon Burdett, agility coach

Covid-19 update, July 2020.
Workshop venues in London and Sheffield are still not open for bookings, but I'm hopeful that this will change come autumn. I have in-person workshops scheduled for September and October. The status of these will be updated as new information is received. New online workshops, will be commencing in early August. Watch this space.

This page offers the full list of workshops, dialogs, collaborative explorations, and other events that are currently available for booking.

Current Event Schedule

Online Events, hosted on Zoom

Live Events (circumstances allowing)

Coming Soon

These one-day workshops will be offered publicly in late 2020 to early 2021. Details and dates will be available soon.


I have been facilitating groups since the late 1980s. Starting with school leavers on government training-for-work programs my facilitation career has encountered such diverse groups as the long-term unemployed, newly arrived refugees, young people on probation, teenagers excluded from schools, pensioners, middle managers, software developers, lawyers, user researchers, church staff and volunteers, and city development groups. My style of facilitation is emergent, exploratory and somatic.

Kind words

"Tobias is an outstanding speaker and facilitator...very gifted in his ability to be attuned to his audience and add value to diverse groups."
— Alyssa Tool, Assistant General Counsel at Nike

"Tobias has the ability to excite a little bit of disorder which resonated well with our group of innovators and business and civic leaders. He was able to create a group process and an environment where new ideas were shared and embraced. We left the session with the passion to make our organization grow and thrive." — Dale Eldridge Kaye, CEO, Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group

"Tobias...beautifully reframed and challenged concepts I thought I knew and understood." — Philiy Lander, Agile Coach

Read more from workshop participants and colleagues.


Creating space for community is an important focus of my work. I strive to work with people from all walks of life, regardless of employment status or financial standing.


Each workshop and event is priced separately. If you'd like to join any of the listed events, but cannot afford the price please contact me to request a discounted or free place.

More information

If you don't find what you need here, or by following the links, please get in touch with Tobias Mayer to set up a time to talk.

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    Photograph: Cooperative Facilitation workshop with Francis Laleman, held at 42 Acres, June 2019.

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