Speak Truth to Power

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"If the structure does not permit dialogue the structure must be changed" — Paulo Freire


Speak Truth to Power, a phrase used both by the American Civil Rights movement and the Quakers in their efforts to thaw the cold war has become something of a call to arms in the 21st century corporate world, as agents of transformation seek to overcome the traditional corporate hierarchical structures and create workplaces of autonomy, mastery and purpose where individuals at all levels can thrive.

This workshop is rooted in Paulo Freire's Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Walter Wink's writing on institutional power and Martin Luther King's non-violent resistance movement. Drawing on exercises developed by Augusto Boal in his Theatre of the Oppressed work and on the exploratory methods offered by theatrical improvisation the workshop will explore power dynamics in the workplace and seek ways to resist and overcome the status quo, without recreating it—a common trap that revolutionaries fall into.


If you feel disenfranchised, frustrated, disempowered, demotivated, disengaged, or you're being abused, or bullied at work this workshop may be for you. Equally, if your job requires you to work with dissatisfied people this workshop will give you deeper insight into why that might be, and what can be done about it.

Essentially this workshop is designed for anyone who is ready to question the methods and systems currently used to control and motivate people, e.g. rewards, incentives, hero-culture, corporate hierarchy, internal competition and positional power. If you believe there are better ways to show up for work, and for one another, this workshop offers you the opportunity to discover what those ways might be.


Only you can determine the learning outcomes from a workshop such as this, which offers no models, no process and no solutions, only the space to explore what so often is seen as the unexplorable. My hope is you'll leave with a renewed sense of purpose, a different way of seeing the problem, perhaps a recognition of your own potency. You're likely to depart with some difficult questions to explore over the coming months. It may be the start of something important. If nothing else it is an opportunity to spend the day with a group of people with a shared desire to confront the mundanity and ignobility of our workplaces.

Workshop Availability

This workshop is currently not scheduled. If you'd like to host it, or offer it privately within your organisation please get in touch. Pricing is flexible according to organisational status and ability to pay.

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  • Scrum Master Journey

    This, or Awkward Conversations, is a required workshop for completing Phase 2 of the Scrum Master Journey.