Kind Words

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"A man is known by the company he keeps." — Aesop

In the words of a few colleagues...

"Tobias... at the end of my life, I will remember some people for their essence. I really appreciate your essence, your passion, and your determination. [...] The more our paths cross, the better, and the more in person, the better." — Ken Schwaber, co-founder of Scrum

"Tobias has a really interesting mind: wide, deep, imaginative, and quirky. I value the quirky most because it's unpredictable. But in hindsight his jumps reveal themselves as the result of intelligence and rigor." — Lee Devin, author of Artful Making and The Soul of Design

"Tobias Mayer's signature move is to pick up a stone and throw it through our glass house, smashing our old paradigms and causing us, after some pain and turmoil, to say, 'OK, my comfortable way doesn't work anymore. Now what?'" — Lyssa Adkins, author and coach

"Tobias Mayer is known in the agile community as a brilliant and evangelical orator, an innovative trainer and an extraordinary trouble maker. You could call him the Hunter S. Thompson of the software arena, and no one who knows him would laugh." — Hillary Johnson, author and publisher

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