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A lively, sharp and focused program of learning offered over 2 full days or 4 evenings.
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This Certified Scrum Master (CSM) workshop is centered on the belief that Scrum is a radically different way of working, and not some kind of superficial reframe of work-as-usual. Focusing on the principles beneath the framework and process, reaching into your own personal value system to draw out meaning, this workshop will have you challenge how you show up for work, and what you believe it means to "do Scrum".


Using the Scrum Guide as a springboard the essence of Scrum will be explored through lecture and interactive dialog. This is a multi-way learning experience. Be prepared to engage with your fellow learners as both teacher and student. The learning is divided into four units.

  • Unit 1: Structure
    The 'Why of Scrum': the framework, flow and events;
  • Unit 2: Process
    Scrum artefacts; request/response, backlog management;
  • Unit 3: Relationship
    The Scrum team, the customer, the wider organisation;
  • Unit 4: Consolidation
    Scrum in context, CSM Test, future planning.

Who should attend?

Although entitled "Certified Scrum Master" (as a necessary categorisation required by the Scrum Alliance) this workshop is more accurately described as an introduction to the framework and application of Scrum. This CSM has a particular focus on the values, principles and overall essence of Scrum. The purpose behind all the meetings, roles, and artefacts will be uncovered, and the relationship aspects of a healthy workplace will be the core focus.

Thus the course is suitable for everyone who is about to start using Scrum or has already gathered some experience and wants to deepen their understanding of Scrum. It is also useful to those championing Scrum, or exploring it from a stakeholder perspective.

In other words, you're all welcome. However...

Important Notice

...if you are looking to be instructed, or be a mere recipient of information you're advised to find a different CSM. This one calls on you to step up to the same kind of responsibility a scrum team member is expected to have in the workplace, in this case to take responsibility for your own learning. This begins by paying attention to the pre-requisites.


Please take time to read The Scrum Guide before attending this workshop. The guide provides a good overall understanding of the Scrum framework, and will initiate curiosity, questions, concerns and doubts which you should bring with you to the workshop. You should also familiarise yourself with The manifesto for agile software development and its 12 principles.

If you'd like to read something more in advance of the workshop I recommend Scrum: a pocket guide by Gunther Verheyen.

About the Facilitator

Discovering XP in 1998 set Tobias Mayer on a journey of discovery into all things Agile. He has been practicing Scrum since 2003, and in 2005 was among the first twenty-five people, worldwide, certified to teach Scrum by Ken Schwaber, its co-founder.

Skilled as a developer, tester and engineering manager, Tobias also has a background in publishing, theatre arts, and community service work. He skilfully blends this unusual mix of experiences when teaching Scrum, creating a lively and engaging experience.

Tobias is the author of the highly acclaimed, and somewhat controversial book, The People's Scrum, and has written extensively on leadership, citizenship and corporate transformation.

So, why do CSM with Tobias Mayer? A few reasons given here, a few endorsements too.

Pricing Model

Although open to all, this Certified Scrum Master (CSM) workshop is specifically designed to attract aspiring and/or practicing scrum masters who are paying for themselves. I offer reduced prices for those with cash flow issues, and specially adjusted rates for those in less prosperous countries. The workshop is offered by the facilitator directly, no agent or third party is involved. Registration price is based on a sliding scale—and relies on an honour system.

Important Notice

This workshop relies on effective group interaction. It will not be a meaningful learning experience with less than six people, therefore the organiser reserves the right to postpone the workshop if the required minimum of six is not reached seven days before the start date. Participants unable to attend on the new date will be offered a full refund, or the opportunity to move their registration to a future workshop.

I also offer in-person CSM workshops in London.

Online Workshop Dates

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Full Days
10.00-17.00 (UK)

  • 8-9 September
  • 7-8 November

16.00-19.00 (UK)

  • 5-8 July
  • 10-13 October

* Note: if you live outside the UK please do not register using these links, but instead contact Tobias Mayer directly to arrange payment.


These prices apply unless otherwise stated.

Corporate rate: £750 + VAT
Self-pay: £250-£550 + VAT
CSM Refresh: £150 + VAT

Refresh places are for those who already hold an active Scrum Alliance CSM.

In-person CSM

In-person CSM workshops are now being offered in London, in partnership with Adventures With Agile. Click the link for more details


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Tobias Mayer
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Contact Information

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  • Lounge CSM

    If you are looking for a more intimate experience I also offer CSM workshops in your home. To stay COVID19-compliant these workshops are limited to five people (six including me).

    Scrum Master Journey

    This CSM is a requirement for completing phase 1 of the Scrum Master Journey and a pre-requisite for phase 2.

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