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"A thoughtful, learned and caring Scrum Master can be compared to an organic gardener, lovingly preparing the organisational soil, letting change emerge, nurturing it, guiding the growth patiently, gently and naturally, and removing weeds without introducing toxins." — from The Scrum Master Journey

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CSP-SM Overview

This page describes the third phase of the Scrum Master Journey, culminating in the Scrum Alliance CSP-SM certificate. The Scrum Master Journey is an ongoing program of self-learning, mentorship, community interaction and multiple facilitated workshops over a period of 3-12 months. Participants can join the program at any time, and will work at their own pace. To join the CSP-SM phase participants would need to have completed the CSM and the A-CSM.

It is recommended that all applicants read The Scrum Master Journey in full—and be aware that there are other routes to achieve the CSP-SM which may be faster and/or easier.

CSP-SM Program Outline

The participant must be able to prove two years' work experience as a Scrum Master to achieve the CSP-SM designation. It is recommended the work experience is gained in parallel with this course of study.

Entry Requirements

  1. Scrum Alliance CSM designation
  2. Scrum Alliance ACSM designation
  3. Completed all Scrum Master Journey phase 2 workshops*
  4. Completed all Scrum Master Journey phase 2 reading*
* Exceptions and variations to the stringent entry requirements may be made on an individual basis. Please get in touch.


Identify someone to mentor you. Ideally this will be someone who is a little further on their Scrum Master journey than you, but it is equally effective to work with someone who is also undertaking the CSP-SM in parallel with you. A list of willing mentors can be found here. Your mentor's job is to guide you through the CSP-SM learning objectives. That's all. He or she is not a personal coach.

If you have completed earlier phases of The Scrum Master Journey you are invited to act as a mentor to new scrum mMasters.

Individual Study

  1. Study CSP-SM learning objectives, discuss with mentor. Be confident that each learning objective is met
  2. Read Artful Making by Rob Austin & Lee Devin
  3. Read at least one other non-Agile book that relates to self-organisation or management through release
  4. Read The People's Scrum by Tobias Mayer
  5. Write a book review describing how you were inspired and what ideas you will attempt to implement, or are currently implementing, in your workplace

Interactive Work

  1. Attend at least four Facilitator Labs
  2. Pair with your own mentor to work through the CSP-SM learning objectives
  3. Attend at least one Scrum Exchange, Scrum Gathering or similar event as a speaker or session facilitator
  4. Write a review of the event, and how it affected your journey, or
  5. Write an experience report, describing how you are applying the CSP-SM learning objectives
  6. Attend the Grassroots Leadership workshop.

Written work will be reviewed by the CST and/or the student's own mentor. Students are free to publish the work on their blog, the Scrum Alliance website, or elsewhere to receive wider feedback from the community. If preferred a student may create a video, podcast or some other form to express the same intent.

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The full cost of the CSP-SM is £490-£1,200. This is paid in instalments:

  • £320 registration
  • £150-£750 workshop
  • £5-£30 each lab
  • Workshops and labs are priced on a sliding scale according to income.

    Getting Started

    1. Click the blue button to express interest.
    2. Print out the Student Worksheet and the Learning Objectives List ...and start working :)

    More Information

    To learn more, and find out whether this program is right for you please get in touch with Tobias Mayer to set up a time to talk.

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