Scrum Notes 2013-20

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Missives from the Corporate Badlands ▶️

These essays were written over a seven year period, while I lived and worked in California, Idaho, London and Sheffield, teaching, coaching, facilitating and consulting, employed, contracting and freelancing. They were penned in frustration, in annoyance, in despair, in anger, in love and in hope; they emerged from experience and from imagination, from actualities and from possibilities. I offer them here as the second phase of my own Scrum journey, and as a complement to my book, The People's Scrum which captured the first phase.

I hope you enjoy these old musings, and although these pages are not open to public comments, you are welcome to join the WhatsApp group to express your thoughts or engage in conversation, should you feel so inspired.

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Sheffield, 01/01/2023   comment