Scrum Notes 2013-20

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Scrum: a 5-step guide for managers ▶️

Scrum is really very simple. Here's a 5-step guide for managers and executives for starting a new Scrum process.

  1. Start with a clear product goal—and a visionary guide (PO).
  2. Establish a co-located, cross functional team whose members between them have all the skills necessary to build the product. (Start with the smallest possible team. Let the team determine who/what skills they need to add as they progress.)
  3. Create a space for the team to work in, with plenty of wall space, whiteboards, index cards, tape and sticky notes.1 Listen to the needs of the team members, and serve as best you can.
  4. Introduce the team to their stakeholders and users.
  5. Get out of the way.

Even without any Scrum training, you'll find that your team is 75% of the way to having a highly effective process. The continuous improvement part will emerge, because people working in an autonomous way, with clear purpose, want to be the best they can be.

Starting Scrum is really is as simple as this. Why do we make it so complicated. Why is each of these steps so hard—especially step 5?

1 For virtual/remote teams let the team members choose an appropriate visual tool for collaboration, support their choice—and foot the bill.

Palo Alto, 13/01/2013   comment