Scrum Notes 2013-20

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Writers of code, awake from your slumber ▶️

Those running the show, our managers, executives, CEOs... they seek perfection. They seek solutions. They seek quick fixes. The more foolish seek repeatable process. But honestly, it's all a big mess — software, and people, that is. A big, chaotic mess. And the proposed solutions, the Agile processes, the Scrum certificates, it's all a big sham. There is no rescue. There is no one-size-fits-all. There is no process that will fix your problems. There is no magic wand, no magician-coach, no savior, no manager, no intrepid leader is all a myth.

You are almost completely doomed.


Unless you step up and take ownership. Unless you, lowly, disempowered developer and tester, unless you step up and say: I can do this. I know. I understand. I can help.

Because you do, and you can. And if you stay silent, if you hide in your own shadow, in your fear, you and your whole organisation will face a period of extreme mediocrity, that could go on for years, but inevitably will end in certain death. And your own head will hang in shame for all time.

You have a choice — right now, today.

The future of your organisation, and the whole of software product development is in your hands. Take it seriously. Your job is not a cop out — this is not a free ride to easy money. You own our future. You are not the bottom of the hierarchy, you are the lifeblood of our industry. Step up. Take responsibility. Own your life. Do this thing. We are counting on you.

Idaho Falls, 12/08/2015   comment