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Welcome, and thanks for coming by. I am Tobias Mayer, educator, counsellor, christian. In the second year of Covid lockdowns, 2021, I committed to engaging with the King James version of the Bible for an hour each morning, reading through from Genesis to Revelation and writing a few words on whatever I read that day. The result is KJV365, this collection of three hundred-and-sixty-five reflections, many being pertinent to political events of the time, all being personal, and a few maybe even poetic.

This collection is not hermeneutics, exegesis or analysis. I have neither the learning nor the inclination for such work. These reflections are the outcome of my reading of the Bible as a book of teaching stories, and seeing what lessons emerged for me in my life, particularly, and inevitably in the peculiar context of the year 2021—which, in various ways, continued into 2022, with the fall out still being present in 2023.

Considering these reflections to be valid for a few more years I added audio recordings in 2022, some with music, and in 2023, I enhanced the reflections with imagery, including well-known paintings, random internet images, and photographs, drawings and prints of my own.

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If you'd like to take a thorough approach to this work, start with the first reflection, Awake and read through in order, or go to the contents page to see the full list of 365 reflections.

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